Designated Display Service


第一章 定义




1. "User" refers to LiuHua Mall users/members (hereinafter referred to as "Users" or "you") who agree to and abide by the "Terms & Conditions of Use” of LiuHua Mall.



2. "Seller" refers to a user who has registered a Seller Account with LiuHua Mall and to list and sell products and/or services through Liuhuamall.com.



3. "Buyer" refers to a user who has registered a Buyer Account on LiuHua Mall and purchased products and/or services through the liuhuamall.com.



4."Designated Display" means that LiuHua Mall’s Sellers may select and control the contents and objects of the display of their products/services on LiuHua Mall, to ensure that only the Users designated and approved by Sellers can access and visit the pictures or videos of such specific products/services to protect Sellers’ trade secrets and their competitiveness.


第二章 产品和服务上架展示普适性规则及卖家责任

General Rules for the Display of Products and Services on LiuHua Mall and Sellers’ Responsibilities



1.Sellers shall be responsible for uploading of product pictures or video, descriptions, specifications, price, stocking status, sales method, freight, etc. of products/services according to the policy, instructions, or guidelines for displaying such products/services on the LiuHua Mall. If the Seller does not specifically set any limitation, it is deemed the Seller is open to all Users for the information uploaded by the Seller, and all Users (including anonymous Users and unlogged Users) can unconditionally and unlimitedly access and browse the aforementioned information.



2.Sellers shall be responsible for the truth, legality, compliance, correctness and accuracy of the wording, materials, pictures, video images, layout design, fonts and other information uploaded, transmitted, shared and displayed on LiuHua Mall. Sellers shall also promise to have complete intellectual property rights or have legal authorization and shall not violate the laws and regulations or infringe any rights and interests of others. If the Seller violates this Article or the relevant provisions in the "Terms & Conditions of Use” and causes LiuHua Mall, or its operators and partners, etc. to be fined by the government, to be claimed by the third parties or to be held liable in any other ways, the Seller shall be fully liable for all losses (including but not limited to various compensation fees, litigation fees, attorney fees, evidence preservation fees and other reasonable expenses incurred for this purpose).




3.LiuHua Mall has the right to conduct random inspections and reviews of all information uploaded, transmitted, shared, and displayed by Sellers. If any information is found to be violated against laws, regulations, this Rules or other rules of the platform, LiuHua Mall has the right to delete such information and/or remove the related products/services without the Seller’s consent. Besides, LiuHua Mall has the right to restrict the Seller’s certain functions on the platform, lower the store rating, freeze the account, deduct the deposit, and terminate the account, etc. depending on its severity. At the same time, LiuHua Mall reserves its right to claim the legal liabilities in accordance with the laws. Sellers shall understand and confirm that the random inspections and reviews made by LiuHua Mall shall not exempt the Sellers from the obligation to be legitimate of their behaviors and the information posted by them, and  Sellers shall bear the civil, criminal and administrative responsibilities arising out of or in connection with the violations of laws and regulations by themselves, and shall not claim any exemption or require LiuHua Mall to bear any individual, supplementary or joint liability due to the inspections and reviews have been made.



4.LiuHua Mall shall not fully surveil the content transmitted through the platform and control and review the Users’ behavior. Therefore, LiuHua Mall has set a complaint channel to promptly detect and correct related violations of laws and regulations. Users understand and agree that if any User is complained of infringing others or complains to be infringed by others, LiuHua Mall has the right to immediately delisting/delete the complained product/service or related information or take other measures to suspend or terminate the alleged infringement. Besides, LiuHua Mall has the right, in accordance with its reasonable judgement, to provide the necessary information such as the User’s name, contact information, and related content in the dispute to others or relevant departments in order to resolve the complaint in a timely manner and protect the legitimate rights and interests of others.



5.The provisions of this chapter are general rules and are legally binding to all Users of LiuHua Mall. During the Users’ use of the services or functions of LiuHua Mall, if the relevant rules and regulations conflict with the provisions of this chapter, the relevant rules and regulations shall be applied first.


第三章 定向展示功能的内容

Content of the Designated Display



Guidelines for Sellers to activate and use the Designated Display



1.Sellers shall upload the pictures, videos and the related products/services information they are currently or planning to sell on the self-operated stores through the Seller Management Panel of the platform and choose to be Enable or Disable for other Users to access and visit of the pictures or videos.



2.If the Seller chooses to allow Users to access and visit the pictures or

videos, the Users are enabled to search and browse the pictures, videos and

the related products/services unconditionally.



3.If the Seller chooses not to allow the specific User to access and visit the pictures or videos, LiuHua Mall may pixelate, blur, or hide the relevant pictures or videos to that specific User. Such User whose permission is not authorized can only browse part of information of the products/services, not being able to view the pictures or videos. If such User unable to view wish to applied for viewing, LiuHua Mall will send a message to the Seller to confirm【Whether to accept XX User’s application for access or not】, and the Seller can choose to accept it or not. Or, the Seller may check and choose whether to accept other Users' application for access through system notification anytime.



4.Sellers have the right to make changes to viewing permission according to their need , enable or disable any rights to access and visit the pictures or videos of the products/services at any time through Seller Management Panel for one or several Users, or specific types of Users.



Guidelines for Buyers to browse under Designated Display



1.If the Seller chooses to allow the specific Users to access and visit the pictures or videos, such Users shall not be subject to any restrictions on viewing the pictures or videos.



2.If the Seller chooses to denied a specific Users’ rights to access, but allow other Users' application for access and visit, the product link of the pictures or videos may display a button for【Apply for Access】. If the User clicks the button, LiuHua Mall will send the Seller an access request for the User. In the event that the Seller agrees/aprroved such request, LiuHua Mall will notify the User and prompt the User to access and visit in time. Once the Seller does not reply or refuse in time, the User who submits the application shall still not be able to access the product pictures or videos.



3.If the Seller chooses to disable a specific User's permission for access and refuse to accept its access application, the User whose permission has been revoke/disable shall not be able to access and visit the related pictures or videos.



4.If the Seller chooses to revoke/disable a specific User’s access rights, such User whose permission has been revoke/disable can still apply for the access permission through the customer service channel provided by the Seller. Whether the application will be accepted or not shall depend on the Seller’s decision.


第四章 投诉与申诉

Complaints and Appeals



Any User is entitled to file a complain to LiuHua Mall through any of the following methods if he/she discovers other Users’ behaviors or published information violates laws and regulations, infringes on others’ intellectual property rights, or exits any unethical, racist, or discriminating situation:



1)Send an email to 【support@liuhuamall.com】 to report the situation;

2)在客户端通过进入“Contact Us”联系在线客服沟通。

2)Contact the online customer service by【Contact Us】



If LiuHua Mall finds the complaint is true after investigation, LiuHua Mall is entitled to impose penalties in accordance with this Rules on such Users who publish and transmit the related content.



2. If the User has objections to the penalties imposed according to Article 1 of this Chapter, the User is entitled to appeal to LiuHua Mall through the appeal channel on the platform: 【support@liuhuamall.com】.


第五章 其他 Others


1. This Rules is one of the annexes of the " Terms & Conditions of Use " and is legally binding on Users.


2. LiuHua Mall will revise or add new clauses to this policy and/or other policies from time to time, and publicize these revised or added new clauses on LiuHua Mall. After the publicity period ends, the revised or added rules will come into effect. If such revision or addition has a significant impact on most Users, a separate procedure for soliciting opinions will be implemented.


3.If the User disagrees with revised or added rules relating to Designated Display, the User can stop using the Designated Display function. In the event that the User continues to use such function afterwards, the User shall be deemed to agree to such changes.